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Cashisa.me.uk is an independent review of 2011's cash ISA new rates and deals. We include a number of the best rates we can find and list our top cash ISAs.

One of the advantages of Cash ISAs is that they are a straight forward investment. As Cash ISAs are fairly simple there's no excuse for accepting a bad deal. To avoid the pitfalls and to get the best rate all you need to do is your homework.

Luckily we have done most of it for you...

Definitions of Cash ISA

Individual Savings Account (hence ISA) is a financial product available only to UK residents It is designed for the purpose of investment and savings with a favourable tax status. more on cash ISAs

If you've got any savings, you should have a CASH ISA, The reason? It saves tax and therefore increases returns. th interest earnt is not taxed [full stop].

Best Rate Cash ISA

Travel : Earn more money off those holidays, flights, car hire or hotel bookings. Worth another £50 each year to average households.

Our unique savings rates tables reveal the best catch-free ISA savings accounts, comparing the whole market. Updated every day. see best rate cash isa

This week our experts recommend the best savings accounts and cash Isas, and hunt out the best 0%-on-purchases credit card deals. We also examine this week's best rate loans and mortgages and help you prepare for the autumn weather.

Utilities : Most of us feel we still pay too much for our Gas and Electricity, Broadband or Mobile phone. Whenever you switch provider remember to use CashQ and you'll receive another £50.

The best cash Isas out now
Banks and building societies have come out fighting in January to attract new savers to their tax-free cash Isas. While a top-paying Isa is important, it's not the only thing to consider.



tax-free ISA allowance 2012

Take advantage of your tax free ISA allowance to invest up to £5100 before April 5th 2015 in a cash ISA. (£10,200 can go into a stocks and shares ISA). A number of Cash ISAs accounts also allow you to transfer in money invested in the previous tax year, so you can maximise returns on all your tax-free savings. see our best cash isa rates.

Once you money is in a cash iSA, it remains tax-free year on year, but if you don't use a single year's allocation you lose it, you cannot carry it forward. see cash isa limit or cash isa rules