best Cash ISA rates

Below are some of the best Cash ISA rates on the market.

Santander Flexible Isa 3 (£1+) (1)(20) 2.85

Sainsbury's (£500+) (15) 2.50

First Direct Cash eIsa (£1+) (16) 2.50

Intelligent Finance (IF) (£1+) 2.50

National Savings & Investments Direct Isa (£100+) (1) 2.50

Swansea BS (£5,000+) 2.50 NatWest e-Isa (£30,000+) 2.50

Northern Rock Easy Isa (£1+) 2.50

Skipton Online Isa (£50+) 2.25

NatWest e-Isa (£10,000) 2.25

Yorkshire BS E-Isa (£20,000+) 2.25

Yorkshire BS E-Isa (£10,000+) 2.10

Chelsea BS (£5,100+) (18) 2.10

Barclays Golden Isa 2 (£1+)(1) 2.08

Skipton BS (£50+) 2.00

NatWest e-Isa (£1+)

see best fixed rate cash isa acounts or Isa Regulations (HM Revenue & Customs ISA Bulletin 13)

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tax-free ISA allowance 2012

Take advantage of your tax free ISA allowance to invest up to £5100 before April 5th 2015 in a cash ISA. (£10,200 can go into a stocks and shares ISA). A number of Cash ISAs accounts also allow you to transfer in money invested in the previous tax year, so you can maximise returns on all your tax-free savings. see our best cash isa rates.

Once you money is in a cash iSA, it remains tax-free year on year, but if you don't use a single year's allocation you lose it, you cannot carry it forward. see cash isa limit or cash isa rules